John Cena Has Reportedly Refused To Perform At WWE Crown Jewel

WWE We still don’t really know what’s going on with WWE Crown Jewel, the planned November 2nd event in Saudi Arabia. Recent world news has led to widespread criticism of WWE’s plan to do a propaganda-filled show for the Saudi royal family. Guys like Randy Orton and JBL defended WWE’s plan to do the show,

White House anti-socialism report inadvertently makes a case for single-payer

Earlier today, the White House released a paper titled “The Opportunity Costs of Socialism.” Weirdly, it contains a chart that actually makes a pretty decent argument for single-payer health care. The chart compares wait times for seniors in countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and the United States. It purports to show that seniors

What are Yoni Eggs? How to Use Them to Enhance Kegel Exercises

Yoni eggs were once only worn by ancient Chinese royalty (and their sacred vaginas). However, these secret traditions are now becoming more mainstream. People from all over the world have  adopted the practice of strengthening their vagina muscles. But why would someone want to stick a jade egg up their hoo-ha? For the super sexy

Billy Eichner Uses TMZ Cameras to Rip Trump And Urge People to Vote

BTW TMZ caught up to Billy Eichner on his way out of LAX on Sunday. The comedic actor—best known as Craig from Parks and Recreation or from his segment “Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner”—was not thrilled about the Trump administration’s recent attempts to redefine gender and urged people to get out and vote for

17 Mechanics Reveal Common Scams Auto Shops Try to Pull

It’s the oldest trick in the book: an unscrupulous mechanic or auto-body shop takes advantage of your woeful lack of knowledge about the way your vehicle operates and charges you an exorbitant amount for an easy fix. Or even worse, they never even do that easy fix, take your money, and your car is stuck

The Surgeon General Is Holding A Lottery To Exempt One Lucky Pregnant Woman From His Smoking Warning

If you’re an expectant mother, get excited, because here’s an incredible new opportunity that could make your pregnancy a lot more fun: The U.S. surgeon general just announced that he is holding a lottery to exempt one lucky pregnant woman from his smoking warning. Awesome! Starting today, pregnant women can enter the lottery by submitting

Lil Yachty’s ‘Nuthin 2 Prove’ Would Be Better If Its Title Were True

Quality Control Music Poor Lil Yachty. When he showed up on the scene with his Lil Boat mixtape in spring of 2016, he had all the makings of a star. He was colorful, optimistic, distinctive, and instantly resonated with young fans of the burgeoning cloud rap scene with his self-proclaimed “bubblegum trap.” There was just

11 Benefits Of Crying That Prove It’s Healthy To Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Stop stuffing your emotions in your chest. Stop forcing yourself to be strong. Stop playing pretend because there are plenty of benefits of crying. There is nothing wrong with crying over stress, frustration, heartache, or loss. It is much healthier for you to shed a few tears than for you to put up emotional barriers.

Apollo 11’s journey to the moon, annotated

Apollo 11 launched on July 16, 1969, carrying astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins on a journey to pull off humankind’s first moon landing. The mission was the culmination of years of research and preparation, and the pinnacle of the so-called “space race” between the United States and the Soviet Union, a years-long

Nebraska’s New Tourism Campaign Gets Real

Nebraska Tourism Commission Before today, I didn’t know a single thing about Nebraska. Not because of some strange grudge or misguided bias against the Midwest, but simply because I’ve never had a reason to dive deep into information about the state. But today — thanks in part to a genius travel campaign — that all

Lilian Garcia Talks WWE Evolution And The Evolution Of Women In WWE

WWE Lilian Garcia was a staple of WWE programming as a ring announcer and backstage interviewer for over a decade. Since 2016, she has returned to ring announce the finals of the first Mae Young Classic and first WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal, appear at Raw 25, and sing the national anthem at certain special occasions.

David Crosby Sounds Off On #MeToo, Neil Young And His Creative Rebirth

Getty Image When David Crosby phoned last week for an interview, he immediately apologized for calling five minutes late. A slight lack of punctuality is hardly unusual for a musician, but the 77-year-old rock icon believes that every second is precious these days. After spending much of the ’60s and ’70s at the center of

20 Halloween Pranks Spooky Enough To Scare Your Toughest Friends

Try these Halloween pranks before October ends! 1. If you want to scare little kids approaching your house for candy — or your spouse when they come home from work — then you should dress up like a scarecrow and sit on the porch. When someone gets close enough, jump up and scream so they know

RANKED: The Most Powerful People In The World, 2018

CEOWORLD magazine has released its ranking of the most powerful people in the world for 2018. Despite the controversy surrounding him, out of the world’s 65 most-powerful individuals, the US President Donald Trump, seized the top spot, primarily because of his control over the world’s largest economic and military power. Vladimir Putin, the President of

Ryley Walker’s ‘Diggin’ A Ditch’ Is A Fuzzy, Exuberant Rocker

Evan Jenkins The Dave Matthews Band renaissance is very, very real. Ever since Greta Gerwig inserted the song “Crash Into Me” in a pivotal scene in her beloved indie film Ladybird, it seems as people have discovered a newfound respect for Matthew’s previously derided oeuvre. Among his fans includes Chicago rocker Ryley Walker, who next

George Zimmer / I Guarantee It

About George Zimmer Copypasta is a series of anecdotal stories that are narrated in the voice of the founder and CEO of the U.S. clothing retailer Men’s Wearhouse. Examples of the series detail Zimmer’s machismo and sexual escapades with colorful sexual metaphors. Similar to Billy Mays copypasta, each story typically begins with his TV commercial

The X-Files’ 25th anniversary: how the show invented modern television

The following is an excerpt from Monsters of the Week: The Complete Critical Companion to The X-Files, by critic at large Todd VanDerWerff and Zack Handlen. Monsters of the Week is available now. The history of television can be told through certain shows, as surely as it can be told through certain personalities or

How Much is Hulu? The Cost of Every Plan and Add-on Explained

Whether you’re itching to see what the Handmaid’s Tale hype is about or looking for a seamless way to watch Sunday Night Football games, Hulu is a great addition to your streaming collection. But how much is Hulu, and is it worth it? That depends on which version of Hulu you select and what add-ons you

Kittens Is The Queer Feminist DJ Who Wants To Teach Every Girl To Spin

Prishtina Gjonaj The RX is Uproxx Music’s stamp of approval for the best albums, songs, and music stories throughout the year. Inclusion in this category is the highest distinction we can bestow, and signals the most important music being released throughout the year. The RX is the music you need, right now. As a kid